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Since 1985

We’ve been specialists in creating high quality leather belts since 1985. From that time on we’ve continued to instil the care, passion and love of an artisanal craftsman into all our work.

Traditional hand craftsmanship combines with innovative processes and technology to meet the demand of international supply: every day we create 3,500 exquisitely-made belts, each one finished with the greatest attention to detail.

Our work is the purest distillation of Made In Italy luxury, and for this reason our products have been selected by some of the world’s most exclusive luxury good producers and many other well-known prestigious brands with worldwide distribution.
Our journey of improvement continues today in 4.0 technology. We have invested in a cutting-edge machinery park and process innovation, but without losing sight of our core values: artisan craftsmanship and creativity in making new models and designs. These are the features that distinguish Italian manufacturing from the rest of the world.

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