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Since 1970

The Jack Leathers is a brand from Italian John Peter Company, born in 1970 as a manufacturer of sheepskin jackets. Over the years, The Jack Leathers production has been moved to the crafting of leather jackets and suede jackets, featured by the attention to the fashion evolution and by the quality of their materials.

On various social media platforms, the brand is recognized as The Jack and Jackie Leathers. However, when enthusiasts discuss their preferred outerwear, they affectionately refer to it as the "Jack jacket," showcasing their fondness not only for a timeless garment but also for a company that consistently prioritizes excellence and innovative design.

Presently, The Jack Leathers represents unparalleled excellence in leather jacket craftsmanship, incorporating personalized details such as scratches, wax finishes, and abrasions. These features not only add three-dimensional textures to the leathers but also transform them into distinct pieces, to be proudly showcased.

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