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Since 2002

The establishment of the company took place in Düsseldorf in March 2002, and ever since, they have manufactured over 1.3 million suits. Additionally, they have displayed remarkable expertise in producing 600,000 coats, a product that holds great significance and is predominantly associated with masculinity, growing in importance over time.

Even after a span of 20 years in the industry, ZUITABLE continues to adhere to its corporate philosophy of promptly identifying fashion trends and swiftly implementing them. They have consistently followed a just-in-time approach over the years.

The company's exceptional strength stems from their extensive experience, accumulated over a long period, encompassing creative aspects and production-related expertise.

A decade ago, ZUITABLE was already manufacturing bi-elastic suits, even when the concept was only being considered in women's fashion. Five years ago, they introduced and produced the first jersey jackets. At present, every fabric used in their production must possess bi-elastic qualities at a minimum. Jersey now constitutes 70% of their jacket and trouser production, and its significance continues to rise.

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