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Since 1964

TOMBOLINI, renowned for its exquisite products, graces prestigious multi-brand stores and a growing network of mono-brand boutiques, bolstering its global presence. With five decades of tradition, the brand seamlessly blends contemporary style with business elegance, upholding luxury values. Crafted from premium materials with impeccable detailing, its 100% Italian attire embodies sophistication. The company's unwavering focus on product innovation extends to various lines. Approximately 70% of production caters to the European market, with Italy receiving 45%, and the remainder distributed across the Middle East, North and South America, and Australia.

TOMBOLINI's profound connection with Urbs Salvia, the City of Health, reflects a rich history woven into its entrepreneurial tradition. This marriage of environmental heritage and creative expansion thrives within and beyond the company's boundaries, reaching diverse individuals worldwide. The brand's iconic dragon logo, a fusion of tradition and innovation, symbolizes trust and a deep-rooted bond between the visionary Eugenio Tombolini and his hometown, Urbisaglia—an emblem of creative efficiency and cultural craftsmanship.

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