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Since 1947

We are pure, the brand for fashionable men's shirts of all kinds. Our goal is to offer modern, affordable men's shirts in top quality and fit.

Our vision is to lead a traditional company into the future while acting economically and sustainably. We stand for the highest standards of quality and design.

We want to bring about innovations while continuing to live our values of tradition, putting new ideas into practice and embodying pure joie de vivre.

We are passionate about high-quality fabrics and designs, the associated know-how and attention to detail.

The original

The Functional Shirt Line

Work, leisure, family life, sports - the merging of our areas of life has long been a reality. With its revolutionary features, pure Functional has become a reliable companion for all situations in life.

the pure

URBAN Collection

Urbane Fashion an authentic Spirit: pure always has its finger on the pulse, guaranteeing a self-confident appearance.

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